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*Digital and Print Materials on the Huntsville Prisoner of War Camp

Digital Materials: Primary Source Documents

Document Guide to materials from the National Archives and Huntsville Item | html

Classroom discussion with Titus Fields, March 5, 2012 | wma

Video Interview: Sam Dominey | html

Video Interview: Donna Coffen | html

Video Interview: Valda Hall | html

Video Interview: R.A. Anderson | html

Video Interview: J.D. McCloud remembers Country Campus | html


Digital Materials: Camp Huntsville in General

- Jeffrey L. Littlejohn, "Camp Huntsville: The First World War II Prisoner of War Camp in Texas." | pdf

- Thomas H. Cox, "The Four Freedoms: Teaching Democracy at the Huntsville Prisoner of War Camp" in Jeffrey L. Littlejohn, ed., "Democracy and Diversity in Walker County, Texas." | html

- Francis Bowers, "History of the Country Campus," (Master's Thesis, Sam Houston State University, 1950). | pdf

Digital Materials: Walker County, Texas as the Site of Camp Huntsville

- Huntsville and Walker County, Texas: A Bi-Centennial History
- Walker County, Texas: A History
- Ty Cashion, Sam Houston State University
- Jeff Littlejohn, Huntsville, Texas
- Democracy and Diversity in Walker County, Texas
- Walker County Treasures
- Musings from Sam Houston's Stomping Grounds
- Walker County Historical Commission
- Thomason Room, Sam Houston State University

Digital Materials: German Prisoners of War and Reeducation

- Ronald H. Bailey, "Lessons in Democracy: The Secret and Controversial Attempt to Teach German POWs about Freedom while They were Still in Captivity," World War II, August/September 2008. | pdf

- William M. Tuttle, Jr., "'Professors Into Propagandists': German Pows and the Failure of Reeducation," a review of Ron Robin, The Barbed-Wire College: Reeducating German POWs in the United States During World War II in Reviews in American History 25.1 (1997):121-126. | pdf

Joan Beaumont, "Review Article: Prisoners of War in the Second World War," Journal of Contemporary History 42.3 (2007): 535–544. | pdf

Arnold P. Krammer, "German Prisoners of War in the United States," Military Affairs 40.2 (April 1976): 68-73. | pdf

Arnold P. Krammer, "When the 'Afrika Korps' Came to Texas," The Southwestern Historical Quarterly 80.3 (Jan., 1977): 247-282. | pdf

Barbara Schmitter Heisler, "The 'Other Braceros': Temporary Labor and German Prisoners of War in the
United States, 1943–1946" Social Science History 31.2 (Summer 2007): 239-271. | pdf

Jason Morgan Ward, "'Nazis Hoe Cotton': Planters, POWS, and the Future of Farm Labor in the Deep South," Agricultural History 81.4 (Fall 2007): 471-492. | pdf

James E. Fickle and Donald W. Ellis, "POWs in the Piney Woods: German Prisoners of War in the Southern Lumber Industry, 1943-1945," The Journal of Southern History 56.4 (Nov 1990): 695-72. | pdf

John Fahey, "Reminiscence: John Fahey on "Reeducating" German Prisoners during World War II," Oregon Historical Quarterly 93.4 (Winter 1992/1993): 368-393. | pdf

Digital Materials: Japanese Prisoners of War and Reeducation

Arnold Krammer, "Japanese Prisoners of War in America," Pacific Historical Review 52.1 (Feb 1983); 67-91. | pdf

Allison B. Gilmore, "'We Have Been Reborn': Japanese Prisoners and the Allied Propaganda War in the Southwest Pacific," Pacific Historical Review 64.2 (May 1995), 195-215. | pdf

Digital Materials: Other Items

- Texas Military Veterans Oral Histories | html
- Veterans HEARTS Museum of Texas | html

Known Newspaper Accounts from the Period (Incomplete)
- "Huntsville Jap POW Camp Experiments in Teaching Democratic Way of Life," Huntsville Item, December 6, 1945.
- "‘Country Campus' Is Added to Sam Houston Facilities," Huntsville Item, July 4, 1946, 1.
- "Soldiers To Garrison ‘The Camp Near Here," Huntsville Item, August 27, 1942, 1.
- "College Asking For Prisoner of War Site," Huntsville Item, March 7, 1946, 1.


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